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Siena between   Art and Wine

Price per person (min 2pax): €78 per pax
Children 5-14 years old €20, under 5 free

Meeting point: Piazza del Campo in Siena.
Beginning of the trip: 14:00
Duration: 5 hours
Every day.

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French.

The price includes:
- Guided tour of Siena (entrance to Civic Museum included)
- Guided tour of one of the oldest and most famous wineries of Chianti Senese.
- Wine Tastings in Fonterutoli .

The price does not include transfer and everything that is not mentioned in list above.

Notes: The tour is max in two languages chosen by the first people who book. The tour is  available  only if there are reservations.

Siena, the city of gothic, the city of the Palio, which jealously preserves its traditions, is famous all over the world for its art and even for food and wine. This precious liquid, once a poor and energetic drink consumed for centuries by the proletarian masses to deal with the hard work, now is the result of calculated production and it appears on the most sophisticated tables and markets.

The tour begins from the heart of the city, Piazza del Campo, visiting the Palazzo Pubblico, seat of the "Government of the Nine", where you can admire the beautiful medieval frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti "The Effects of Good and Bad Government." Ambrogio, by his mastery shows us a countryside full of crops among which there are also vines. After a walking tour in Siena, the  
journey will continue exploring the Chianti and particulary one the most ancient and famous farm: Fonterutoli.

Fonterutoli is also a small and pittoresque village, located just 5 miles south of Castellina in Chianti. The company is owned by the Mazzei family since 1435. Filippo Mazzei in 1770 was the first to bring Sangiovese vines to the U.S. in the farmhouse Monticello (Virginia) owned by Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States.
After the  visit of the cellar, wine tastings of Chianti and end of our experience.

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