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Small groups of cypresses here and there, a lunar landscape that surrounds you, the Torre del Mangia in the background: these are the Crete Senesi. The gentle slopes of the Crete plunge from time to time into valleys, in one of these the Etruscans began the history of Asciano, at the center of a circle of 30km radius and in whose circumference are Siena, Arezzo, Montepulciano, Pienza, Cortona, Montalcino and Chianti.

The only 8km that separate it from the Rapolano spas are the last ingredient that is missing for the perfect holiday in Tuscany where trekking and cycling cannot be missing.

But what makes certain Tuscan towns like Asciano is the authenticity of village life, where cards are played in the bar during the day, where "al fresco vigils" are held in the streets on summer evenings while children rage.

The strategic position but above all the lifestyle make this town a perfect place for creating "a widespread residence" that can be the ideal base for excursions nearby or for baths and spa treatments.

Our proposal is not a tourist village or a residence but a different way to have a holiday fully, living our daily routine.
What we propose it is not to visit Tuscany but to live it. According to our project Asciano becomes a great touristic viallage offering to visitors a lot of possibilities.

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