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The monks of San Galgano established themselves in Asciano as colonizers and reclaimers. They administered numerous assets, lands and houses in many areas of the  territory Ascianese. Their major possessions were those of the countryside around Palazzo Monaci (once called Palazzo a'Monaci), along the road to Chiusure, on the hills that lie west towards the Ombrone valley and, to the east, overlook at the Cella hill. A chapel dedicated to S. Galgano was erected in Palazzo Monaci.
The complex, originally  called Borgo dei Marchesi Bargagli extends on a hill and has a 360 ° view of the surrounding countryside. The two buildings of the ancient body of the monastery have been restored, one in a row of travertine (the Palace proper) and the other in brick with sixteenth-century loggias, which delimit the courtyard of what was once a farm. The town is composed of  28 apartments in  complex that extends over an area of 18,000 square meters with ancient olive trees and has two swimming pools, one of which is hydromassage. Some  are equipped with terraces or external verandas on the ground floor. 

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