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Extra per person per meals

Italiana breakfast (espresso/cappuccino/ latte macchiato/tea ) €3,00 per day
Salata ( salami or cheese sandwich, or salted croissant, fruit juice, drink or espresso/cappuccino/ latte macchiato/tea) €6,50 per day
Continentale (salted and sweet croissant, fruit juice or drink, espresso,/cappuccino/ latte macchiato/ tea) €10 per day
Americana (tagliere con salumi e formaggi, pasta,  succo di frutta o bibita, caffè/ cappuccino/ latte macchiato/ thè) €16 per day

Lunch and dinner
Extra half board  (at restaurant) €27 per day with Italian breakfast
Extra full board (at restaurant) €50 per day with Italian breakfast
Meals are inclusive of: first course, main course , water and includes a choice of three options for every course. Pizza or cold meal is always available.
Other options on request

Dinner with wines tasting
They are  dinners with  three different wines for every course.

Dinner is composed by starter (white or rosè wine), first course (young  red wine), main course (important red wine), dessert (Vin santo sweet wine) €62.

The tasted wines will be Montepulciano wines , and Chianti wines. Supplement €18 per Montalcino wines.


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